Anyone stumbling across this website would probably be a bit surprised. If so, join the crowd. No one was more surprised to learn about this website more than me. A very good friend, deciding that I am way to Luddite to ever be able to develop something like this on my own, went ahead and designed and published this site and surprised me with it a few days ago. To say I was surprised does not do the moment justice. I was stunned. Stunned that something this great would represent me but also stunned that someone, even a good friend, would undertake such a project on my account. I was also touched by the gesture as well. I’ve never been the kind of guy who was outgoing with a wide social circle and lots of friends and acquaintances. But the friends I do have are special and I treasure them above nearly all else.

As for the site, it’s design speaks for itself. It is utilitarian, professional, and to my eye beautiful in every way. It is a credit to my friend’s skills and something she should be justly proud of; I know I am certainly proud to have it represent my writing. By the way, the little feedback I have gotten so far is all more than positive. Everyone I’ve spoken to has raved about how wonderful it looks and I can only agree.

In addition to being totally surprised by this superb gift. I am humbled. I only hope I and my writing are worthy of such friends and their efforts on my behalf. So thank you Stacey. You have made me once again realize what a lucky man I am.

So, I hereby break a metaphorical bottle of champagne across the bow of this site and launch it into the unknown. I hope everyone who visits here enjoys the experience as much as I enjoy everything about the site.