I.V. Frost: Tales of Mystery and Scientific Deduction

For the first time ever, a new collection of I.V. Frost stories!

“Stalking a territory that is somewhere between the gas-lit world of the Victorian Consulting Detective and the flickering neon darkness of Film Noir, (Donald) Wandrei’s FROST is part analytical rationalist, part Angel of Death. Like someone took Sherlock Holmes, armed him to the teeth, and turned him loose on the mean streets of Phillip Marlowe.” – Peter Atkins

Ravenwood: Stepson of Mystery, Volume 2

Easily one of the least known pulp heroes was Ravenwood, the Stepson of Mystery. In all he appeared in only five stories as back up tales in issues of Secret Agent X.

In this quartet of brand new tales of suspense, Ravenwood, the occult detective whose different colored eyes are always changing, sets out to solve bizarre mysteries the police are helpless to unravel. Follow along as he, and his Tibetan teacher/mentor, the Nameless One, and his loyal British butler, Sterling, confront a killer robot, team up with the Black Bat to fight alien horror, and investigate ritual murders.

Pulp writers Janet Harriet, Aaron Smith, Jonathan Fisher and Gene Moyers, pull out all the stops, with four original, fast-paced adventures of fear and madness!

Ravenwood: Special Edition

Of the original Ravenwood Stepson of Mystery stories, there were only ever five. In the past three years Airship 27 Productions has published nine short stories, and one full length novel starring this unique occult detective.

Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to reprint four of those fan-favorite tales in this new edition. This volume features writers Aaron Smith, Jonathan Fisher, Gene Moyers and Ron Fortier, as each adds his own storytelling talents to one of pulpdom’s least known but most original heroes. Sit back and prepare to encounter bizarre, supernatural mysteries as only Airship 27 Productions can deliver.

Domino Lady

The Domino Lady first appeared in the pulps in 1936. After graduating from the Berkeley College in California, Ellen Patrick goes off to Europe on a joy filled jaunt. Her trip is cut short when her widowed father, D.A. Owen Patrick, is murdered by gangsters. Upon her return home she learns the corrupt authorities have no intention of finding her father’s killers. Thus she puts on a domino mask and a backless white dress to avenge him. Though arming herself with a small .22 automatic and a syringe full of knockout serum, the Domino Lady’s most effective weapon is her sensual beauty, which often distracted her opponents until she can turn the tables on them.

Now pulp writers Greg Hatcher, Gene Moyers, Tim Bruckner and Kevin Findlay offer up four brand new adventures of Los Angeles’ most notorious, and sexiest, crime-fighter of them all, the Domino Lady!

Domino Lady, Volume 2

Pulpdom’s sexiest masked avenger returns in this second volume of her all new adventures. From a gang of corrupt policemen to secret Nazis saboteurs out to destroy the Los Angeles Olympics, the beautiful and wily crime-fighter has her hands full in this new quartet of tales by Gene Moyers, Brad Mengel, Robert Ricci and Paul Findley.

As always, lovely socialite Ellen Patrick weaves her way in and out of trouble, donning her black silk domino mask whenever injustice rears its ugly head. From the time of her father’s murder, Ellen has dedicated herself to righting wrongs. She just does it in a most peculiar fashion becoming the pulps’ most alluring and deadly hero; the Domino Lady.

Alternative Air Adventures

Flight! An ability that has always fascinated mankind, and for centuries, a mystery that eluded those who sought it most! But what if the discovery of such things as the airplane or helicopter had never occurred? What if the path to man gaining his own wings went other directions? Those worlds are imagined and come to life in Pro Se Productions’ ALTERNATIVE AIR ADVENTURES!

Join authors Kevin Findley, Davide Mana, and Gene Moyers as they fly the wild and wonderful, sometimes unfriendly skies in machines from their minds. Heroes and villains combat one another high above the ground in ships that have only lived in dreams… until now. Climb aboard and strap in for ALTERNATIVE AIR ADVENTURES!

The Phantom Detective, Volume 4

The Man in the Mask High atop the Clarion Tower, a blinking red light begins to pulse signaling one of New York City’s most illustrious, vigilante heroes, the Phantom Detective. In reality, he is Curtis Van Loan, a debonair playboy millionaire well known in the society columns of all the major dailies. What is hidden from the public is Van Loan’s dedication to law and order.

A decorated combat pilot during World War I, he is an expert fencer, ju-jitsu master and speaks a dozen foreign tongues fluently. Hidden in his Park Avenue penthouse is a secret closet containing clothing of all descriptions and sizes. Along the wall are weapons; automatic rifles, sub-machine guns. There is also a miniature lab along with an extensive make-up kit that allows him to don different faces as his mission requires. Forget the silly Top Hat featured on the old pulp covers, while in action the Phantom Detective wore a belted topcoat, a fedora and black domino mask. He carried a .45 automatic and a hidden knife in his left sleeve.

This popular pulp icon returns now to once more battle villainy and crime in five new cases by Gene Moyers, Whit Howland, Robert Ricci and two from Gary Lovisi. Each recaptures the fun, excitement and thrills of this classic hero from the past-the Phantom Detective!

The Purple Scar


From the pages of the classic pulps comes the most frightening avenger of them all, the Purple Scar!

The handsome, debonair Dr. Miles Murdoch was a world famous plastic surgeon. His life was the stuff of dreams until it all turned into a heart-wrenching nightmare. Murdoch’s brother, a dedicated police officer, is brutally gunned down while on patrol. Before dumping his body into the river, his murderers pour acid over his face as a final act of contempt. When the body washes ashore days later, Officer Murdoch’s face is beyond recognition, a scarred, purple visage unlike any horror ever imagined.

It is the sight of this death grimace that transforms Miles Murdoch into an avenging angel. Vowing to bring justice to those responsible, the skilled surgeon molds a pliable rubber mask from that repulsive, mutilated face; a mask he dons to become the Purple Scar, the scourge of crooks and villains everywhere. He has become the physical embodiment of their worst fears brought to fiendish life.

Airship 27 now presents four brand new adventures of the creepiest pulp hero of them all, the Purple Scar!

Purple Scar, Volume 2

When Dr. Miles Murdoch’s brother was murdered by the mobs, he vowed vengeance. In the following weeks, wearing a horrifying death mask, a new avenger appeared on the streets of Akelton, bringing with him righteous retribution. The city now finds itself under the protection of a haunted hero, a mysterious angel of doom who metes out his own brand of permanent justice.

In this second volume featuring this little known classic pulp figure, writers Gene Moyers, Paul Kevin Findley, Erik Franklin and David Noe pit the purple-hued Master of Fright against a quartet of villainous opponents: from a gang of deadly jewel thieves to a merciless arsonist bent on burning down the entire city. In these new tales of the Purple Scar, justice and horror are on a collision course you don’t want to miss.

The Black Bat, Volume 3

One of the greatest pulp action heroes is back in four brand new adventures. Tony Quinn, blind defense attorney and police consultant, is in reality the crime-busting vigilante known as the Black Bat. He is aided by the lovely Carol Baldwin, former con-artist Silk Kirby and ex-boxer Butch O’Malley. Together they battle the underworld of New York City, fearlessly putting their lives at risk to champion justice.

In this third volume, the Black Bat faces a mystic swami said to possess arcane powers, boards a high speed train to foil a gang’s bold attempt to rescue their captured boss and offers his services to protect the life of a famous Broadway personality threatened with death. New pulp writers Greg Hatcher, Gene Moyers, Gordon Dymowski and Erik Franklin have captured all the action and thrills that were hallmarks of the early pulps and delivered a quartet of amazing Black Bat exploits pulp fans will cherish.

Legends of New Pulp Fiction

Collected within these two covers are sixty-two fantastic stories of action, adventure, mystery, horror, fantasy, and suspense. It is a treasure chest of the best of the New Pulp Movement, the fastest growing style of fiction writing in the world today. And all of it generated as a benefit project to aid and support writer/editor Tommy Hancock. Sixty writers and thirty-six artists have pooled their talents to produce a volume like none other ever conceived before. If you are unfamiliar with New Pulp, then look no further than this one book. Then buckle up and enjoy the ride.