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A New Year

Yes, yes, I know it's a little late to be talking about the new year but things have ben a bit busy the last few weeks. In December in the afterglow of Mystery Men & Women vol. 5 being published I worked happily away on my latest aviation story. Unfortunately, I ran into some snags. This was intended to be a fun little flying adventure set in...

Mystery Men & Women volume 5 is here!

Yes, MM volume 5 is available on Amazon and at Airship 27's website. I will have my copies here and ready for sale on E-bay any day now. It's been a long wait but worth it to finally see my novella "Not That Kind of Girl" in print. Over three years ago I was challenged to come up with a female, masked avenger type character. She was to have...

Good News

Well, there's good news concerning a couple of my upcoming releases. As I've mentioned before, Airship 27 will soon be releasing Mystery Men & Women volume 5. This is an important book for me because it contains the debut of my Female Avenger character. I wrote this story nearly three years ago and will be really happy to have this one in...

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