Well, I’m excited. Not only do I have a new story in print but also a brand new outlet for adventure fiction is now available. Two weeks ago Bryce Beattie notified me that the digital version of StoryHack magazine was now available and the print version is soon to follow.
Why, you might ask, am I taking this long to announce it? Well, it has everything to do with me finding my laptop floating belly up in the fish bowl one day and the brand new laptop I am typing this on. I could say a lot about this but anyone who has suffered a similar crash and been forced to buy a new, unplanned computer can sympathize. I could also say a few words (all of them rude) about Windows 10 (I was just getting used to Windows 7!) but this is a family friendly site.
Anyway, I am pleased about StoryHack. My story in the magazine is the first Dream Master story I wrote and is a partial origin story for him. Brush Strokes was published in Legends of New Pulp Fiction but was actually the second written story of Thomas Manning’s adventures. It is gratifying that Dream Master is finally seeing publication. There are more stories written or being written and I hope to find new venues for them as well.
Take a look at StoryHack if you like adventure stories. I think it is great idea and wish Bryce lots of good luck with it.

I am busy working on several projects that I hope to send off to publishers in the next few weeks. More on that later. Also I am told that some long awaited projects are nearing publication. I really excited about this but announcements will have to wait for more concrete information. Watch for future journal entries.