Well, there’s good news concerning a couple of my upcoming releases. As I’ve mentioned before, Airship 27 will soon be releasing Mystery Men & Women volume 5. This is an important book for me because it contains the debut of my Female Avenger character. I wrote this story nearly three years ago and will be really happy to have this one in print. She is an important character for me and I hope to publish many more of her adventures. In fact I have already written other stories but they are awaiting this publication of this first story.
Anyway, the book will lead off with my 30,000 word novella followed by two other shorter stories. In addition the cover art will portray my character in living color. And, here’s the exciting part; if any of you have listened to the new November Airship 27 podcast you will have heard Ron Fortier announce that well known pinup artist Ted Hammond will be handling the cover art for Mystery Men & Women. I have known this for a while but was sworn to secrecy. tough for me because I think this is a great decision. I love Ted’s art, especially his portrayal of women.
You airship fans should be very familiar with his work. Yes, he is the same artist that has drawn the covers for both Domino Lady volumes. Domino Lady books sell well for Airship 27. I do not think these sales are just about the cover art, either. The stories are good, plus Domino Lady is a sexy hero with a solid fan base out there due to some fun comics that have been published over the years. Having said that, it never hurts to have the cover art of a book portraying a sexy woman, especially by a talented artist like Ted.
I have seen a preliminary sketch of the cover art and I have to say I think it is dynamite. I won’t say too much about it except to say Ted has given my hero a real personality of her own. Yes, the classic Ted Hammond good girl art is there but he has given us something original and classy. His cover is not a clone of his Domino Lady covers. Not that they aren’t great and I do like them a lot.
So, you can see why I am excited about this release. It is a major work that I have waited a long time for plus it is going to be a great looking book (I have seen some of the interior art by Rob Davis and his drawings are also great). Let’s hope sales are strong. I would really like to get this out in front of a lot of readers.
Other good news is that Moon Man volume 2 is moving along and getting close to publication as well. Ron seems to think it should be out by Christmas. This also is a book that has been in the production phase for a long time. I will enjoy finally seeing my story out in print. So, it looks to be a strong finish to 2017. If both books hit the streets by the end of the year I will consider it a great Christmas present.
Hopefully, I will be making some announcements very soon.