Lots of stuff happening in the writing department. I’m beginning to figure out Windows 10. I’m still irritated that I have to learn it at all but at least I’m writing again and . . . all the keys work. Some of my keys were starting to get cranky on the old computer.
Anyway, my air story for Airship 27’s Aviation Adventures is coming along. The flying scenes have gone well but since the story is overall more serious than my story in volume 1, the conversations and tone are a bit more important and are slowing me down. Still, it should be complete soon.
A project that kind of came out of nowhere is a new story for volume 3 of Moon Man, also for Airship 27. I wrote a story a long while ago for volume 2 (more on that in a minute) and then kind of moved on to other characters. Not that he wasn’t a fun character, it’s just I didn’t have any more story ideas that would fit him. Eventually, I came up with something but wasn’t sure how it would be received. To make a long story short, I recently ended up kicking that idea around with Ron Fortier and he really liked my MM idea. So now, I have been dividing time as I work out a detailed outline for my new Moon Man story. The story involves a crossover with my mysterious female avenger. Yes, I swore I would never write another crossover again but I am suspending that rule this one time to get my “Girl” out in front of the public again. More on this story as it progresses.
Now on to more exciting news; Moon Man volume 2 is nearing completion. This one has been in production for a long time. First, it seemed to take forever to get three additional stories written. This has baffled me. Moon Man is well-known character but for some reason no one seemed interested in writing about him. This wasn’t as shocking as the lack of writer interest in Phantom Detective but still was surprising. Once the book was finally filled story wise, things finally picked up but have still progressed slowly. I’m told the cover art Airship 27 have is dynamite and now I understand that the interior art is nearing completion. What this means is we should see MM volume 2 soon. Since I wrote the initial story over four years ago this is most gratifying. I’ve said before that publishing is often subject to the whims and fancies of the Publishing Gods and this is an excellent example of that. It will be very pleasing to finally see my MM story see the light of day . . . and it’s a fun little romp that any MM fan should enjoy.
Other news; I have seen the first interior art for my novella to be published in Mystery Men & Women volume 5. Rob Davis is doing the interior art and the drawings I’ve seen are great! Of course this is a story featuring my mysterious female avenger. Initially she was called the Shrike but lately I have de-emphasized that name.
Not that it’s a bad name, it’s just that I think it more mysterious if she doesn’t have a formal name. After all how many heroes name themselves? Sure some heroes choose their own name to strike fear into their enemies (think Batman or maybe Spider-Man) but I think it more realistic that an unknown mysterious hero would be called different names by different people. So from now on, she will be referred to by many names. I will still use the “Shrike” but also other names like; the “Archer,” the “Arrow,” the “Black Arrow,” etc.
Anyway, the art is progressing rapidly on Mystery Men & Women volume 5 and looks great. Rob’s street scenes and his interpretation of my character are first-rate. I don’t know if a cover artist has been assigned yet but having the twelve interior illustrations complete will move this book a lot closer to production. By the way, the title of my novella is: “Not That Kind of Girl.” A title that has more than one meaning for those of you who read the story.
Lastly, my Purple Scar story has been assigned an interior artist. I ‘m not sure if I should reveal his name, but I will say he is an award winning artist who I’m sure will do a wonderful job. By the way, it looks like my PS novel is being renamed. The editor wants to call it “The Purple Scar and the Black Fog.” I kind liked my original title but this new one sounds okay.
So a good bit of progress on some of my writing projects. If things fall right it could be a strong finish for me this year, publishing wise. Hopefully there will be more news on these projects soon.